Acta Non Verba Exhibition

About Project

The exhibition by French-Guadeloupean artist Marielle Plaisir will include a carefully curated selection of drawings, portraits, paintings, tapestries and one video representative of the artist’s thematic narrative as well as an ethereal installation of Tyvek paper dresses suspended in mid air. “My work interrogates the concept of domination, which has existed from the time of slavery until now,” Plaisir says. “The common thread throughout my work is a critique of prejudice, according to which political power is ‘a natural fact’.”  
Reception Invitation

The invitation to the Acta Non Verba reception.


Gallery Guide

The Acta Non Verba Gallery Guide accompanied the Marielle Plaisir exhibition. It included the Artist bio, a message from the curator, a map, upcoming public programs, installation photography I had taken and the sponsors.


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